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August 12 2017

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yeah so there’s a neo nazi/white supremacy rally going on in charlottesville where they are literally chanting “blood and soil!!” (an actual nazi saying) and the police are doing absolutely nothing about it. no tear gas, no national guard, no heavy police force,, these TERRORISTS are getting away with spreading hatred towards the marginalized and i am absolutely sickened 

spread this like wildfire

Is that an actual picture of the event bc wtf that looks like half the campus

unfortunately yes, here are some more photos from the terrorist rally:

thankfully a lot of the students are against what’s happening on campus, but there’s something very wrong with this photo. the good guys are hiding their faces and the bad guys are not. this world is getting uglier to the point where human decency has to be hidden.






exchanging grammatically correct emails with adults is the most uncomfortable form of human interaction in existence

People who unironically reblog this have to psych themselves up for 15+ minutes to make phone calls

ur fucking right we do

No but seriously, which is worse - the phone call or the grammatically correct email?

The phone call. I can’t proofread my voice for 45 minutes before I talk.

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i know this wont happen to me so why is it making me uncomfortable

how will other werewolfs know im married


A good werewolf is prepared.



question: how would you deal with cyber attacks against the US government? 

donald trump: i am so strongly against cyber. we came up with the internet. cyber is a big issue. we need to be SMART and QUICK. let me tell you. my son has a computer. he’s 10! he’s so good on that computer so good you wouldn’t believe it!


This sounds like a joke BUT HE SAID THIS!!!!

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i went looking for the comic that the reaction image is from and i am not disappointed



a milkshake to summon the boys and a cold one to bind them

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they can do that??



anime girl: could this be… a date!?

me: no, you fucking idiot.

anime girl: if we walk together like this… won’t people think we’re a couple!?

me, whacking her with an umbrella: shut! the! fuck! up!



anime girl: could this be… a date!?

me: no, you fucking idiot.

anime girl: if we walk together like this… won’t people think we’re a couple!?

me, whacking her with an umbrella: shut! the! fuck! up!

August 11 2017

life advice:





never say anything to a penguin that the penguin has not already said to you

this reads like a shitpost but i’m actually 100% serious.

i was walking along the side of the harbour this evening, just after all the penguins had come in from the ocean to nest. there was one penguin right by the footpath, and when it saw me it kept saying ‘höö’. so i said ‘höö’ right back. it seemed to like that, and we had a lovely conversation where we just kept saying ‘höö’ to each other. i crouched down about two metres away from it, and we kept talking, and it actually moved towards me a little bit, seeming to prefer my company to the heartless embrace of the sea.

but then i made the mistake of trying to change things up. i said ‘hweh’, which was something that a previous penguin said to me, and this penguin hated it, and fucked right off. never said another word to me. i felt so rude.

I keep imagining this from the penguin’s point of view:

“Gustav, my friend, why so glum?”

The penguin in question looked up from his half-eaten sprat, shaking his head in disgust.

“Not glum, Sebastian. Affronted, outraged - I had the most perturbing encounter with one of the Beakless Ones.”

Sebastian nodded solemnly. “Yes, they are often perturbing. What happened, my friend?”

Gustav sighed heavily, looking up to the sky and holding his flippers wide, as if to ask the gods “why?”, before mournfully retelling his experience, “I was on the beach where the Beakless sometimes wander, contemplating names for this year’s chicks, when one of them approached. It seemed harmless enough to greet - they’re cute, in a strange, bald and flat-faced way, are they not?”

“Oh Gustav, you kind-hearted fool.”

“Such a fool, I am!” Gustav’s moans had gathered a small crowd already - the only thing penguins love more than a bellyful of fish, is a story. A good storyteller was always guaranteed a warm spot to huddle in the winter, surrounded by bored friends longing for entertainment.

“What did it do, Gustav? Did it kick you?”

“No! When it got close, I called out to it, ‘hello, friend!’. It stopped and returned the greeting - awkwardly, but it was rather sweet, like a chick learning it’s first chirps. ‘Hollow fren,’ it said back to me. I was charmed, but not wanting it to learn poor pronunciation, I repeated the greeting, and so did it! Getting clearer each time, till it could almost pass for a true penguin itself.”

“Gustav is a wonderful teacher,” Adelina, his mate, stated with a proud nod of her lovely blue head. “You remember how well our chicks could enunciate, before they even caught their first fish.”

“But what of it, Gustav? What happened to sour this experience so?”

“We went back and forth, till I was satisfied. It lowered itself near the ground, and I moved closer, carefully, not wanting to alarm it. I was just about to tell it how pleased I was, that it learning so quickly, when all of a sudden, it looked me right in the eye and said ‘Fuck off, freak.’”

There were avian gasps all around.

“Oh no!”

“How rude!”

“I was so appalled, I could not bring myself to even chide it.” Gustav bowed his head in shame. “I turned and left without another word.”

“It said that to you? Oh dear.” Sebastian tilted his head in a piercing glare towards one of their fellows, focusing on the only one who was slapping his sides and chortling. “Björn, you scoundrel! What have I told you about yelling obscenities at the Beakless?”

Björn cackled and bobbed his head in defiance. “How was its enunciation, Gustav? You soft-hearted buffoon!”

now that’s a fine addition to my post

June 30 2017

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Death battle



like i know it’s a TV show and it’s not like we overthrew a government or whatever, but Netflix were so determined that they weren’t going to bring Sense8 back, that that was It, no more Sense8 for us, but we fought back and we said No and we refused to move or be moved and we got them to change their mind, we got them to give us a movie length special to say goodbye, We Did That, so don’t ever let anyone tell you that anything is impossible bc this is proof that if you work together with good intentions anything is possible

we should overthrow a government next

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This innocent kid had a pen in his hand, was excited about his graduation and ended up dead just a few hours before it  just because one of the cops thought Tommy had a knife in his hand, but it was a pen. He killed Tommy because of a FREAKING PEN. How do you justify that?

 It’s also hard to watch his story not getting as much attention it deserves. He deserves justice and cops should pay for their brutality.

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UMedics training teaches people how to care for shooting victims until an ambulance arrives. Caverl said the training now also includes lessons on how to treat those suffering from an asthma attack because asthma is another danger plaguing the African-American community.

This is a great thing. Black community is united as never before, people are ready to help and save lives. 


jay z is the most overrated rapper of all time on top of being a dumb ass who cheated on the apex of human evolution. Wild.

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