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February 08 2018

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I’ve never identified with something more than this


When people say they remember their childhood perfectly and not in bits and pieces with mostly a black void of nothingness like me

?? hoW in th e fuk ???

February 07 2018

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Finally did some End Of The F***ing World arts<3 

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i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

The ol razzle dazzle






The worst trick a childhood anxiety disorder pulls is, you spend your early years being applauded for being so much more mature than your peers, because you aren’t disruptive, you don’t want any kind of attention, you don’t express yourself, you keep yourself to yourself - this makes you a pleasure to have in class, etc etc - and you start to believe it’s virtue. But you’re actually way behind your peers in normal social development, and who knows if you can ever catch up.

Never heard a truer thing in my life.

holy shit wait you mean being just morbidly terrified of doing anything wrong ISN’T necessarily the same as being “well behaved?!”

Convenient children =/= healthy children

Convenient children do not equal healthy children


earlier today i saw that big bang theory was nominated for most popular comedy show over brooklyn nine nine and in this essay i’ll discuss why we, as a species, need another plague




I wanna be a villain so I can just saunter everywhere. the heroes are always sprinting, always running. you ever seen darth vader run? hell no. and I ain’t about to either.

this has gained over 18,000 notes in the last 24 hours and I feel the need to tell y’all that I’ve never seen a star wars movie all the way through. when I wrote this I was 100% relying on the hope that he didn’t run in the films or some nerd was gonna drag my ass

This addition had enhanced this post 800%

February 06 2018




That mattalic pink is perfect for him



….. god. this is such a Power Move. this is the funniest fucking thing i’ve ever read about anyone. your fave could never be this aloof.

oh so this is why people think he’s gay


honestly you know why people centuries ago were so extra in the way they spoke and so dramatic it’s because they were listening to classical music. go turn on some johann sebastian bach and tell me you don’t suddenly feel like composing a hand written love letter to your dearest annabelle and using the word melancholy


“there’s a lot to unpack here” is the academic equivalent of “yikes”

February 05 2018

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February 04 2018

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Kristen: I’ve worked with you a ton. But I feel like when we’ve worked together, we’re always really mean to each other. Like, always assholes. But that’s not our relationship at all. We’re very nice to each other.
Adam: Yeah, super nice. Boring, nice white people.
Kristen: That sounds like an accurate description of who we are as friends.

February 03 2018


do you ever bite into a piece of cheese on bread and immediately find yourself as a true and honest shepherd boy in the 1300s who sometimes steals apples but is overall hale and truehearted




wow i got a laptop and this thing sure is on my lap

fuck me

i think there are a few steps in this relationship that you skipped. hey, i’m steven

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what the fuck

it’s actually inverted out of respect!! - plimbko the elf requested to be hanged from an upside down tree because he felt himself unworthy of a death in the same manner as santa

This is the scariest addition to a post I think I’ve ever seen

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