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June 13 2017

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4 years later Regarding Twilight Sparkle is still the most deeply upsetting thing ever written by a human being and i’m not kidding when i say that i think about it almost daily


When people call you a “snowflake” just remember they’re quoting Fight Club, a satire written by a gay man about how male fragility causes men to destroy themselves, resent society, and become radicalized, and that Tyler Durden isn’t the hero but a personification of the main character’s mental illness, and that his “snowflake” speech is a dig at how fascists use dehumanizing language to breed loyalty from insecure people.

So basically people who say “snowflake” as an insult are quoting a domestic terrorist who blows up skyscrapers because he’s insecure about how good he is in bed.

the claim that green skin on witches is an antisemitic trope is tenuous at best and an outright falsehood at worst.








various proposals have been made as to the origin, including a literal interpretation of the “olive” skintones of some Jews, public interpretation of the green makeup used to give B&W film actors deathly-pale skin as signifying literally green skin (as with Frankenstein’s monster), and a link between Jews and poisoning

no one seems to have heard of this stereotype more than a few months ago. the most authoritative source anyone cites for its existence is a couple of sentences on a goyische pagan wordpress blog called The Twisted Rope in 2014. combined with the lack of clear origin and lack of other cultural impacts, this Jew feels that claims of a link between green skin and antisemitism are more inventing a new antisemitic stereotype than acknowledging an old one.

please reblog

there are aspects of the stereotypical witch figure that are genuinely antisemitic - green skin just isn’t one of them. large, hooked noses and curly black hair are both genuinely based off of stereotypes about the appearances of Jews. the idea of a “witch’s sabbath” is likely related to the Jewish sabbath. there are additional aspects of the witch-figure, like child murder and consorting with the devil, that are similar or identical to antisemitic stereotypes or libels, but “hellish blasphemy” is kind of just what medieval Christians accused people of. it’s not like blood magic was a Jew thing first.

But like, it’s not just likely that they thought of this, but it’s proven - claiming someone was a witch conveniently always fell onto jews in medieval times. Not Christian? Check. Has money you want because you forced them into a certain job? Check. Social outcasts? Check. It makes sense that they’d twist the fictional appereance of witches to fit the stereotypical appereance of a jew.

Also, OP, I’m Italian and all the witches and orchi in the traditional legends my grandmother told me when I was a child had green skin.

ok, first of all, there were definitely lots of non-Jewish people executed for witchcraft in medieval Europe. like, this isn’t up for debate, if you look up “people executed for witchcraft” you are going to get a lot of non-Jewish results. I’m sure plenty of Jews were accused and executed too, and if you were just being hyperbolic when you said “always” then nevermind, but this is a matter of historical record

anyway, I agree that the stereotypical image of a witch is based on Jewish stereotypes? I say it pretty clearly in the post. specifically, it’s based on stereotypes of hooked noses and curly black hair. it’s not based on the stereotype of Jews as green skinned, though, because that stereotype doesn’t exist. I also don’t dispute that witches, among other fantastical beings, are often portrayed with green skin. that’s definitely true, it just isn’t based off an antisemitic stereotype about Jews having green skin, because, again, that stereotype does not not exist.

yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of misinformation going around, and I didn’t remotely want to get into this but I’d rather not let gentiles run this conversation while we’re all just waiting for things to blow over! Please do circulate this.

Here are my two cents.

  • I can’t claim that the “evil green witch-Jew” trope never existed. But I know I lived for 24 years as a Jew, and I haven’t encountered it, and neither have my Jewish friends, family and acquaintances. I studied history and I never ran into it. So I’ll continue to prioritize the forms of anti-Semitism that are actually hurting us instead of engaging in a literal witch-hunt.
  • I know of one (1) somewhat Jewish-coded witch, but she’s not green.
  • The connection between witches and the color green might exist, but it’s far, far from universal. The first time I saw a green witch was in Wizard of Oz, then in Wicked, then in stuff derived from those two. Most depictions of witches I’ve seen, both contemporary and from the early modern period, portrayed witches as average-colored white women. The witch of the witch-hunts is a human-gone-bad, not a different species: our current concept of witches is an amalgamation of the historical human witch and different folklores about different evil female mythical creatures. But greenness is far from a universal trait of witches.
  • The connection between Jews and witches is also tenuous. I’m not saying Jews were never persecuted as witches, but the point of a witchcraft accusation was to attack  a member of the community. Jews were already not members of the community, and if someone wanted to attack them, they didn’t need an excuse. (The whole point of witchhunts is that they work within the community, the scary thing about witches is that they are one of us.) Sure, some witchcraft accusations are similar to blood libel, but there’s a limited number of things you can accuse people of in a boring remote early-modern village.
  • The similarity between typical Jewish features and a stereotypical witch is real, but there is an extra thing in play. Witch hunts were, to a large extent, expressions of misogyny, especially hatred of old women. When people age, their facial features change, and a not-uncommon form of change is the growth of soft tissue while the bones remain the same size, resulting in big ears, a big nose, and a prominent chin. Witches are also often depicted with warts, which you cannot tie to Jews: it’s an expression of contempt for women growing old and ugly.
  • Also, the witch hat looks very little like the Jewish cap some Jews were forced to wear. Plus the cap was a 100% male thing, while witch hats are worn by women.
  • The connection between Jews and green skin is not something I can find examples of. Sure, there are anti-Semitic images, like one of the posters for the Ewige Jude, where the face of a Jewish person is lit in green to make them appear creepy, but that’s not green skin per se. There are tons of images of Jews that focus on their darker skin tone, showing it as  swarthy/oily/ugly, and tons of images that go after pale-skinned Ashkenazi, depicting them as unnatural and cadaverous. Green skin is not a trend.
  • Here’s the real scary thing though: while we fuck around with this almost certainly non-existent form of anti-Semitism, actual forms of anti-Semitism are alive and well. Check the posts above for one thoughtless remark that is genuinely, if unwittingly anti-Semitic. Have you found it? It’s Has money you want because you forced them into a certain job? Check.The assumption that all Jews are rich is anti-Semitic. Claiming they’re only rich because they were forced into trade and/or usury is a common but half-assed excuse that doesn’t question the original assumption. When you heard “Jew”, your mind went to the rich old moneylender guy. You didn’t think about all his menial servants who are equally Jewish, you didn’t think of Jewish people making stuff and fixing stuff, or trudging around villages selling crap from a wheelbarrow. It’s a mistake even Jewish people make sometimes, but fuck, it’s not fun to see our past reduced to rich dudes sitting on piles of money even by the people who are trying to help us by… stopping witches?
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The Art of Titus Kaphar

Titus Kaphar was born in 1976 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He currently lives and works between New York and Connecticut, USA. His artworks interact with the history of art by appropriating its styles and mediums. Kaphar cuts, bends, sculpts and mixes the work of Classic and Renaissance painters, creating formal games and new tales between fiction and quotation.




Unfriendly fucking reminder that the best predictor of mass shootings is not mental illness, but being an angry young white man who has recently experienced rejection and has easy access to guns.

Bringing this back because it makes terrible people angry. And I’ll add a note to all the people saying “But you’d have to be mentally ill to do that!”: Mental illness is, by definition, abnormal. Does “mediocre white boy is so entitled that he resorts to violence when told no” really sound particularly unusual to you?

I devoted my entire graduate studies and thesis on mass school shootings, multiple murderers, and criminal psychology and I can tell you that this is in fact completely true and is suported by an unbelievable amount of emperical, quantifiable data that I slaved over for years. 💯

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things that still freak me out: those sinks americans have in their kitchens that you can destroy stuff with

wait… y’all don’t have garbage disposals? 

No, we just have a garbage can, nice and friendly, not trying to eat my fucking hand

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So sweet

I don’t know if you’ve actually seen this episode, but Pam invites the entire office to her art show that she’s been gearing up for for a really long time. Nobody shows up except for Oscar and his partner (and they critique her work, calling her “lacking in courage” among other things, not realizing she is standing right behind them) and then Michael. And Michael is the only one who tells her she is great just for putting herself out there, and the only one who places value on what she’s done, and he points out all the little details she got right and notices absolutely every bit of hard work she put into it. And then treats Pam like the artist she is by not just paying her for her art, but displaying it where literally everyone can see it.

It’s one of my favorite episodes.

June 12 2017


2014 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

2015 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

2016 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

2017 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

2018 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

2019 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

2020 and i’m still bitter that Jackie and Hyde did not end up together

…… i will be bitter forever. 

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June 11 2017


forever that girl that gets really excited when the sky is in pretty colours



Iron Man: I’m the richest and possess the most advanced technology on the planet

Black Panther:

This post got derailed by racists so fast so let’s do this again


me, trying to spell something in french: uhhhhhh i think that’s enough vowels
the french language: youe fooule…. youe insouelente cowèurde

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There is nothing this man can’t do!

Did u guys know that Terry Crews – who grew up in Flint, Mich., and earned an arts scholarship to Interlochen before his full ride as a college football player  – just launched a contemporary furniture line?


Terry loves clean silhouettes and trying new stuff.



“He said he asked himself the question: What if the civilization of ancient Egypt had never disappeared and we were still living with pharaohs, but in a modern way? … The outstretched wings of the sacred Egyptian ibis form the back of a sleek, contemporary sofa.” (x)





“The swiveling Lilypad chair with ottoman ($3,800) is designed to look like it floats.”





me, actually happy for once: does this mean my mental illness is gone


why are there so many days?? i feel like we just had a whole day yesterday… they don’t stop

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